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19 June 2009 @ 07:44 pm
i reading wecome to the underworld, a fanfic on soompi.
it is soooooo good T_T the author just updated and zomg.
typical gang-related, epic drama, love story. i want moarrrrrr, lol D:

gosh, the mv teaser is killing all of us s♥nes. i like how the song is like related to the fans ;D man, this mv is like an upgrade for the girls. i mean, compare this with kissing you o__o ... it gives off this sexy/mature/we're growing up vibe. so far the song sounds okay. i know i'll become addicted to the song no matter what just like with gee. i hope the dude's voice in the beginning isn't really part of the song =_=. same voice from shinee world. if they want english intros they just use tiffany or jessica to do them.

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16 June 2009 @ 09:12 pm
today was the day of the u.s history regents. i ended up being late -__- why does this always happen to me. first the SAT & now this. on the school newspaper, the said said 1:15 so i though we had to be there at 1:15 but when actually that was when the test would start. we had to be there by 12:45 and i only just got on the bus around 12:55. i freaked out when i looked at my regents card and the time read 12:45. i looked around the bus & tehre were no kids either. when i got to my room, the test had already started. good thing it was a 3 hour test and i had time to catch up. compared to the ap exam, the regents was a breeze. some multiple choice i didn't get. the dbq & essays were really easy. i finished at like 3:30. took longer than i expected. most people were still not finished by then compared to the global regents where it took less than 2 horus to finish. bumped into anna in the staircases. i went to the mailbox room to leave my envelope in schneider's box so that he could mail me my recommendation. me & anna went to get ice cream at baskin robins. jamoca ice cream on a sugar waffle cone, yummm :3 haha too bad anna's scoop fell out of the cone onto the street. what an epic failure XD such a loltastic moment right there. i happily licked my cone as i walked home :D

english regents tomorrow! ...... and thursday. ugh, im so not looking forward to the listening part. having to listen to a boring story & take notes. ewww. & then physics regents on the 24th. zomg im gonna fail that one.

so apparently the new song is 소원을 말해봐 (Tell Me Your Wish) & Genie being the english name of the song. all these rumors and stuff are getting me really excited. though i really wonder where people get all this info from, lol. just a few more days.

i really want to watch Up, with everyone talking about how good it is ;__;
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15 June 2009 @ 06:41 pm

these 9 girls look so ridiculously hot/gorgeous/stunning & every  other good adjective out there. they look so fierce. particularly sooyoung. gosh she is such a model. love her new haircut. makes her look sassier. i was hoping for long haired fany T_T her new short hair looks super short. taeyeon looks a bit weird. maybe because of the eye make-up? i wish they didn't give sica extensions. just leave her hair as it is. im loving the sailor outfits on them. they're still "so nyuhs" but with a bit of an edge/sexiness to it. i mean, compare this with kissing you o__O

Comeback Schedule: June (19) Teaser, (22) MP3 Release, (25) Mini-Album

OMGAWD. can't believe they're really making a comeback already T__T im stil high on gee a bit. i remember going crazy with the gee teaser. lkasdjfldksjfkjgklj must get this mini-album. *major spazz mode* thank goodness school is almost over.

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31 May 2009 @ 04:03 pm
i have no idea what to write for this essay on the financial crisis. rawr. the ap exam is over. we should be relaxing. not discussing the financial issue or whatever. give us regents review at least -_-

i have three SAT prep books. i haven't really opened any of them & like start seriously studying. i am so screwed on june 6th. me, anna & possibly vickie are planning to chill in chinatown after the test. i can't wait. it's been awhile since i last hung out with friends. plus, i feel the need to buy a bunch of junk from elizabeth center & eat at the noodle house, rofl.

mr. lung is gonna be out for monday, tuesday, & wednesday. yayyyy (:

i'll end this post with a smirk from taengoo.